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Cannabis Club Barcelona – Ciutat Vella

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Private Space in Ciutat Vella

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What are the club policies?

Blunted Barcelona
  • Members must present their membership card upon entry.
  • Sharing or reselling cannabis outside the club is strictly prohibited.
  • Responsible and respectful behavior is expected at all times.
  • Consumption of cannabis is only allowed within designated areas of the club.

How is quality control managed?


At Blunted BCN, quality control is a top priority. We adhere to strict cultivation and processing standards. All products undergo rigorous testing for potency, purity, and contaminants before they are made available to members. This commitment to quality ensures that you receive only the best cannabis products.

Responsible Consumption

Self Control

At Blunted BCN, we advocate for responsible and mindful cannabis consumption. We provide resources and guidance to help you understand the effects of different strains and methods of consumption. Our goal is to ensure that all members have a positive and safe experience.We encourage members to start with low doses, especially if they are new to cannabis or trying a new product. 

What are the benefits of joining?


Joining Blunted BCN offers numerous benefits, including legal and safe access to high-quality cannabis, a sense of community, educational resources, and a secure environment for consumption. Additionally, members enjoy exclusive events, product discounts, and personalized recommendations from our knowledgeable staff.


Smoking area inside

Only for members that go trough our selection process.


CBD available for members

We also have CBD strains for you to chill and relax.

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THC strains for your choice

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Private Cannabis Club

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Learn more about a cannabis club in Barcelona


Becoming a member of Blunted BCN is a straightforward process. You need to be at least 18 years old and provide valid identification. Prospective members can apply online through our website or visit the club in person. Upon approval, you will receive a membership card that grants you access to all club facilities and benefits.

Blunted BCN welcomes both local residents and visitors to Barcelona. As long as you meet the age requirement and provide the necessary identification, you can apply for membership. We embrace diversity and encourage anyone interested in cannabis to join our community.

In Spain, cannabis consumption and possession for personal use in private spaces is decriminalized. Cannabis Clubs operate legally within a cooperative framework where members collectively cultivate and distribute cannabis for personal use. Blunted BCN adheres to these regulations, ensuring a lawful and responsible cannabis experience for all members.

To apply for membership at Blunted BCN, you need to and fill out the online application form in this website. Simply click on the membership link here, provide the required details, and submit your application. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to pick up your membership card.